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Return Codes

Each time an API is called, if the request was not successful, a return code will be returned describing the reason.

Response Description
Response Description
-1 System busy
0 Request succeeded
40001 Verification failed
40002 Invalid certificate type
40003 Invalid Open ID
40004 Invalid media file type
40005 Invalid file type
40006 Invalid file size
40007 Invalid media file ID
40008 Invalid message type
40009 Invalid image file size
40010 Invalid audio file size
40011 Invalid video file size
40012 Invalid thumbnail file size
40013 Invalid App ID
40014 Invalid access token
40015 Invalid menu type
40016 Invalid button quantity
40017 Invalid button quantity
40018 Invalid button name length
40019 Invalid button KEY length
40020 Invalid button URL length
40021 Invalid menu version
40022 Invalid sub-menu levels
40023 Invalid sub-menu button quantity
40024 Invalid sub-menu button type
40025 Invalid sub-menu button name length
40026 Invalid sub-menu button KEY length
40027 Invalid sub-menu button URL length
40028 Invalid custom menu user
40029 Invalid OAuth code
40030 Invalid refresh token
40031 Invalid openid list
40032 Invalid openid list length
40033 Invalid request characters: The character "\uxxxx" cannot be included.
40035 Invalid parameters
40038 Invalid request format
40039 Invalid URL length
40050 Invalid group ID
40051 Invalid group name
41001 Parameter missing: access token
41002 Parameter missing: appid
41003 Parameter missing: refresh token
41004 Parameter missing: secret
41005 Multimedia file data missing
41006 Parameter missing: media id
41007 Sub-menu data missing
41008 Parameter missing: OAuth code
41009 Parameter missing: openid
42001 access token timed out
42002 refresh token timed out
42003 OAuth code timed out
43001 GET request required
43002 POST request required
43003 HTTPS request required
43004 The other user is not yet a follower
43005 The other user is not yet a follower
44001 Multimedia file is empty
44002 POST package is empty
44003 Rich media message is empty
44004 Text message is empty
45001 Error source: multimedia file size
45002 Message contents too long
45003 Title too long
45004 Description too long
45005 URL too long
45006 Image URL too long
45007 Audio play time over limit
45008 Rich media messages over limit
45009 Error source: interface call
45010 Message quantity over limit
45015 Response too late
45016 System group cannot be changed.
45017 System name too long
45018 Too many groups
46001 Media data missing
46002 This menu version doesn not exist.
46003 This menu data doesn not exist.
46004 This user doesn not exist.
47001 Error while extracting JSON/XML contents
48001 Unauthorized API function
48004 API is banned, please see more information on mp.weixin.qq.com
50001 The user is not authorized for this API
61450 System error (system error)
61451 Invalid parameter (invalid parameter)
61452 Invalid customer service account (invalid kf_account)
61453 Existing customer service account (kf_account existed)
61454 Length of customer service account name over limit (ten English characters at a maximum, excluding @ and the part after it) (invalid kf_acount length)
61455 Invalid characters in a customer service account name (English letters and numbers supported only) (illegal character in kf_account)
61456 Maximum number of customer service accounts reached(ten customer service accounts at a maximum) (kf_account count exceeded)
61457 Invalid image file type (invalid file type)
61500 Date format error
65301 This menuid doesn not match any existed personalized menu
65302 No matching user
65303 No default menu. Cannot create personalized menu
65304 MatchRule cannot be null
65305 Too many personalized menu
65306 Current account does not support personalized menu
65307 Personalized menu cannot be null
65308 All buttons need specified responses
65309 Personalized menu is off
65310 Country cannot be empty
65311 Province cannot be empty
65312 Invalid country
65313 Invalid province
65314 Invalid city
65316 Current menu has too many sub-domains
65317 Invalid URL
9001001 Invalid POST request
9001002 Remote service is not available
9001003 Invalid Ticket
9001004 Fail to load people around you
9001005 Fail to load merchant
9001006 Fail to load OpenID
9001007 Missing upload files
9001008 Invalid upload file type
9001009 Invalid upload file size
9001010 Fail to upload file
9001020 Invalid account
9001021 Active device rate below 50%, cannot add new device
9001022 Invalid number of device (Need at least one device)
9001023 Device ID is under review
9001024 Too many search items (50 device ID at most)
9001025 Invalid device ID
9001026 Invalid screen ID
9001027 Invalid page parameters
9001028 Can only delete 10 screen IDs at a time
9001029 Screen exists, please remove relation before deletion
9001030 Can only search 50 screen IDs at a time
9001031 Invalid time range
9001032 Invalid binding of saved device and screen
9001033 Invalid retail listing ID
9001034 Device remark is too long
9001035 Invalid application parameters
9001036 Invalid search of begin value