WeChat Open Platform

Official Accounts Documentation

Acceptable Use Policies

While developing for the WeChat Open Platform, apart from following specifications for different APIs and call frequency limits, developers should be aware of requirements pertaining to sensitive information such as templated message and user data.

Requirements when handling user data:

  • When collecting user data, developers must first obtain the user's approval and notify users of the purpose, range and method of collection. Note that data should only be collected and used for the operational purposes or for implementing features.
  • Take necessary measures to protect user data from being hacked or leaked.
  • Make sure user data collected via an Official Account is used by the same account. It is forbidden to transfer user data to other Official Accounts for any other purpose or provide it to any third party in any form.
  • If data collection or Official Account features risk damaging user experience, Tencent is entitled to require you to delete the data and stop using said feature in collecting and using data.
  • Once you stop using the service or Tencent terminates your service for any reason, delete all data obtained while using the service (including backup data) and stop using the data for whatever reason.

Other requirements:

  • Do not log in to the WeChat Official Account Admin with any automated user agents or bots for the purposes of verifying certificates.
  • Do not conduct trace calls, including but not limited to identifying a user’s operations on their personal homepage.
  • Do not automatically redirect the browser window to another web page.
  • Do not set or publish any content in breach of regulations, public safety, or community guidelines.
  • Do not publicize your cooperation with Tencent, expressly or implicitly, including but not limited to shareholding, business correspondence or partnership, or publicizing approval received from Tencent.