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Project Preview

The Project tab has three main functions:

Displaying current project details

This includes icons, AppIDs, directory information, last code submission time, and code package size.

Submitting preview and submission uploads

  • Clicking on the Preview function tool will upload the source code to the WeChat server. A QR code will be displayed if this is successful. Any developer bound to the current AppID who uses the new version of WeChat to scan the QR code can view the actual presentation of the corresponding project on a phone.
  • Clicking on the Upload tool will upload the source code to the WeChat server. Developers can view the current submission status in the mp administration backend. Note that the Code Upload function can only be operated by an administrator WeChat ID.

Project configuration

Converting ES6 to ES5

In version 0.10.101000 or later of the development tools, babel will be used as default to convert ES6 syntax into ES5 code, which the three ports all support very well. This will help developers to resolve development problems caused by different environments. Developers can disable this function in Project Settings. Details

The following needs to be noted:

  • To improve code quality, JavaScript strict mode will be enabled in situations where the ES6 conversion function has been enabled. Please refer to "use strict".

Monitor file changes, automatically refresh Developer Tools

If this option is enabled, it will automatically help developers by refreshing the debugging simulator when changes occur to files that are related to the current project, thereby improving development efficiency.

Code compression

If this option is enabled, Developer Tools will help developers by compressing JavaScript code when uploading code, reducing code package size.

Style completion

If this option is enabled, Developer Tools will automatically detect and complete missing styles to ensure that they are displayed normally in iOS 8.

Do not verify requested domain names and TLS versions

If this option is enabled, Developer Tools will not verify secure domain names and TLS versions. This will help developers to better complete debugging tasks during the development process.


Base library version switching

Developers can select any base library version here. This is used to develop and debug the compatibility of old versions.