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An embedded page scroll selector

Attribute name Type Description Minimum version
value NumberArray The order of the numbers in the array indicates the ordinal item selected in the picker-view-column in picker-view (subscript starts from 0). If the number is greater than the length of the selectable items in the picker-view-column, the last item is selected.
indicator-style String Sets style for check box in middle of selector
indicator-class String Sets class name for check box in middle of selector
bindchange EventHandle When scrolling selection, a change event triggered when the value changes, event.detail = {value: value}; value is an array, indicates the ordinal item currently selected in the picker-view-column in picker-view (subscript starts from 0)  

Note: Of these, only the <picker-view-column/> component can be placed. Other nodes will not be displayed.


Can only be placed in <picker-view />. The height of its child nodes will automatically be set to the same height as the picker-view check box.

Sample code:

  <picker-view indicator-style="height: 50px;" style="width: 100%; height: 300px;" value="{{value}}" bindchange="bindChange">
      <view wx:for="{{years}}" style="line-height: 50px">{{item}}年</view>
      <view wx:for="{{months}}" style="line-height: 50px">{{item}}月</view>
      <view wx:for="{{days}}" style="line-height: 50px">{{item}}日</view>
const date = new Date()
const years = []
const months = []
const days = []

for (let i = 1990; i <= date.getFullYear(); i++) {

for (let i = 1 ; i <= 12; i++) {

for (let i = 1 ; i <= 31; i++) {

  data: {
    years: years,
    year: date.getFullYear(),
    months: months,
    month: 2,
    days: days,
    day: 2,
    year: date.getFullYear(),
    value: [9999, 1, 1],
  bindChange: function(e) {
    const val = e.detail.value
      year: this.data.years[val[0]],
      month: this.data.months[val[1]],
      day: this.data.days[val[2]]