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Attribute name Type Default value Description
url String Jump link in application
open-type String navigate Jump mode
delta Number Effective when open-type is 'navigateBack', indicates number of layers to go back
hover-class String navigator-hover Specifies the style type when tapped, there are no tap status effects when hover-class="none"
hover-start-time Number 50 How long it takes for tap status to appear after holding down, unit milliseconds
hover-stay-time Number 600 Amount of time tap status is maintained after finger is released, unit milliseconds

open-type valid values:

Value Description Minimum version
navigate Corresponds to wx.navigateTo function
redirect Corresponds to wx.redirectTo function
switchTab Corresponds to wx.switchTab function
reLaunch Corresponds to wx.reLaunch function {%version('1.1.0')%}
navigateBack Corresponds to wx.navigateBack function {%version('1.1.0')%}

Note: navigator-hover default is {background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1); opacity: 0.7;}, <navigator/> child node background color should be a transparent color.

Sample code:

/** wxss **/
/** Modify default navigator tap status **/
.navigator-hover {
/** Customize other tap status style types **/
.other-navigator-hover {
<!-- sample.wxml -->
<view class="btn-area">
  <navigator url="/page/navigate/navigate?title=navigate" hover-class="navigator-hover">Jump to new page</navigator>
  <navigator url="../../redirect/redirect/redirect?title=redirect" open-type="redirect" hover-class="other-navigator-hover">Open on current page</navigator>
  <navigator url="/page/index/index" open-type="switchTab" hover-class="other-navigator-hover">Switch Tab</navigator>
<!-- navigator.wxml -->
<view style="text-align:center"> {{title}} </view>
<view> Tapping top left corner returns you to previous page </view>
<!-- redirect.wxml -->
<view style="text-align:center"> {{title}} </view>
<view> Tapping top left corner returns you to parent page </view>
// redirect.js navigator.js
  onLoad: function(options) {
      title: options.title